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Safety Barriers

We manufacture these using high grade fabrication materials that add tenacity and longevity to our product. Our expert engineers have excellently designed these barriers to ensure high quality and optimum strength to these barriers.

Design and quality of these barriers is so perfect that they can withstand with high level impact force which helps in providing better security measures against unauthorized attacks. Our state of the art production unit assists us to deliver fast processing, so that we are able to meet large consignment demands in a time bound delivery.

The “BMS2 - N2” W-Beam Lateral Barrier is a longitudinal safety barrier totally made in galvanized steel and specifically designed to be installed by post embedding in soil on shoulder of any type of road.

The “BMS2-N2” is composed by a continuous horizontal w-beam exposed to traffic and regularly supported by C-shaped vertical posts distributed at each two meters. All accessories shall meet the specifications defined in the European Standard EN-10.025 (”Hot-rolled products of non-alloy structural steels”) for grade S235JR. With a chemical composition suitable for hot dip galvanization (Maximum Silicon Content is 0.03 % and maximum combined Silicon-Phosphorus content (Si + 2.5 P) is 0.09% in weight) meet to UNE-EN ISO 1461. The “BMS2-N2” characterizes for the junction between rail and post is by mean of breakaway bolt, this is able to brake in way controlled starting from a certain level of applied strength.

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