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Gantries and Cantilevers

Whether it’s Static Signs or Dynamic Traffic Routing Systems. Sigma Metal Industries can be expected to develop and implement solutions that fill all the aspects of traffic engineering.

We have acquired proficiency in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Overhead Gantry Signs, which are installed on gantry structure of steel. It provides good visibility in night or low light conditions. We often see these signs on roads showing directions, distances between places, slogans, messages, or any other important information.

High quality of materials and components used, superior workmanship, precision and accuracy of design, layout and assembly, and well knit cohesive management team have enabled the achievement of a spectacular growth rate in the recent past years.

Our exclusive range of Gantries and Cantilever Signs are manufactured using superb quality raw materials. These are highly durable and ideal to survive in any weather conditions. Gantries and Cantilever Signs offered by us are widely used to offer directions and information to the travelers. They are ideal to offer consistent performance in the long service life also.

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